November 18th, 2011

Понемногу обо всем (26) Psychotherapy for the 21st Century with Emphasis on Cancer Treatment

Dear Colleague
Jane Parsons-Fein, LCSW, BCD, DAHB, is pleased to announce that her longtime associate Dr Bernhard Trenkle, director of the Milton Erickson Institut in Rottweil, Germany, is sponsoring Dr Lawrence LeShan's latest workshop here in New York. Dr Le Shan's early work on cancer treatment pointed the way toward the work of Bernard Siegel and the Simontons. His focus on "discover their zest for life" is not unlike Milton Erickson's "discover their patterns of happiness" and it is interesting that during his internship at Eloise Hospital in Michigan, Dr LeShan studied with a young training director - Dr Milton Erickson. Details of the workshop follow.

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