June 20th, 2012


Эффективность НЛП психотерапии (23) How to make individual coaching sessions more effective


Real People Press

Posted: 19 Jun 2012 02:25 PM PDT

Guest post by Connirae Andreas

One-on-one coaches sometimes lament that participants in workshops seem to be so much more responsive than clients in individual sessions.

There are definitely some advantages to the workshop setting, where the Trainer can begin by demonstrating a method with a volunteer from the audience. After this, the group is “primed.” Everyone in the room has seen the demonstration, which offers a clear conscious representation of how things can go, and more importantly it offers a representation for our unconscious to draw upon. Each person in the room has this “role model” to draw upon as they do the exercises in a small group.

In contrast, when I’m working as a coach, and I sit down to work with an individual client, it’s just me and him or her. There’s no demo person in the room to prime unconscious understanding.

A few years ago, I was guiding a client through a new process I’ve been using (which I call “Coming to Wholeness”) and while the process itself is simple, things were not going smoothly or easily. It seemed as if my client wasn’t really understanding what I was attempting to get across, and the words I was using weren’t enough.

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