November 2nd, 2012


Понемногу обо всем (35) Virginia Satir & Origins of NLP
Virginia Satir & Origins of NLP
/ by Dr Robert S. Spitzer

Virginia had many different feelings toward Richard Bandler at various times in her life. I remember being surprised by the extent to which she was touched when he sent her flowers toward the end of her life when she knew she was dying.

I often felt responsible for Richard and John since I had introduced them to her. Those are two guys you don't want to feel responsible for unless you have a profound belief in a benevolent God.

For me, it all began when my wife, Becky said "Bob, you've got to talk to him." She was referring to the 17-year old that she had asked to teach our son Dan how to play the drums. This was 25 years ago in 1967. The 17-year old was Richard Bandler (who was skinny and scrawny in those days). He was a junior in high school and helped put on big time rock concerts.

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