March 7th, 2016


Языкоиды (33) Semiotic seminar at The University of Vincennes in Saint-Denis
Ну вот. Если когда-нибудь возникнет вопрос, когда именно имя Милтона Эриксона \ Milton Erickson, M.D. было введено в литературоведческий контекст, то это случилось сегодня, 29 февраля 2016 г. доклад на семиотическом семинаре в университете Paris 8:
What Ericksonian hypnosis and poetry have in common: semantic structure, multiple-leveled regularities, rythme
On February 29 2016, Inga Velitchko, a co-director of The Milton H Erickson of West Siberia presented at a semiotic seminar at The University of Vincennes in Saint-Denis (Paris, France) ( ). The goal of the presentation was to show how the findings in the field of Ericksonian multileveled communication can enrich the study of poetry. And on the other hand, the presentation was to show that poetry is a type of human communication that includes and keeps the very profound psychological mechanisms. Poetry is born by unconsciousness and Dr Erickson was communicating with unconsciousness. These practices, poetry and therapy, deal actually with the same element – unconsciousness mind. As Dr. Erickson’s practice can enrich the study of poetry, so the study of poetry can help understand some of Dr. Erickson’s “secrets”.
Inga is now a student in The University of Vincennes in Saint-Denis with a specialization in semiotics (the study of meaning-making) and this report of February, 29 was an extract of her research work. Following and developing the findings of Anatoly Tkachev and hers articulated in their report written for the 8th International Congress on Ericksonian Approaches to Hypnosis and Psychotherapy (The Paths of Ericksonian knowledge: Deepening, Widening the Boundaries, Going Beyond and Existing Forever), Inga has discovered that a poetic text in different cultures has common traits in regard to how the general meaning emerges through and with the aid of text structure and how in result poetry can influence the reader and that this structure is of the same nature as the speech of Dr. Erickson.
Inga is to continue this research in the frame of a Ph.D. program to investigate this processes not only in poetry but in other types of human activity as well. The communicational regularities discovered and developed by Dr. Erickson will be kept in focus for this researching work.
Yours, I.V.