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Рефрейминг (29) Using Reframing Patterns Recursively

We used to do hypnotic inductions before we did reframing. Then we discovered that we could do reframing without having to put people into trance. That's how we got into Neuro Linguistic Programming.
«Frogs into Princes»

This new video contains two training segments from from the 2010 Advanced Mastery Training featuring Steve Andreas. The first training segment begins with an example of using the “prior cause” reframing pattern recursively with a client: “And that’s because. . . ?” This simple intervention can lead to a powerful shift in a client’s perspective. Even more exciting is that there are many similar interventions possible using the same simple principle of using the standard NLP reframing patterns in this recursive way.

In this video, Steve uses a content-free sentence stem, along with supporting nonverbal analog gestures. These little distinctions can make a big difference in getting results with clients, and Steve is careful to point out many subtle points to aid you in becoming a more effective communicator. This is followed by a review of how all the different reframing patterns can be understood as ways to change the scope, category, or logical level of someone’s internal representations. (For more background on scope and category, please refer to Steve’s excellent 2-volume work Six Blind Elephants.) A demonstration of using the “smaller frame” pattern recursively is followed by an exercise.

The second segment explores the unfortunate unconscious implications hidden in the outcome, “losing weight,” which will sabotage or obstruct reaching that goal. This is followed by an exercise using these principles to examine other outcome descriptions for unhelpful implications.

A detailed 5-page handout from the training is available here with no purchase necessary. This handout includes all the different reframing patterns with incomplete sentence stems to make them easy to use in a content-free way, as well as a unique section on Implication:

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