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Читаем-анализируем: "Steps to an Ecology of Emergence" (5) An Ecology of Mind
metanymous wrote in metapractice

An Ecology of Mind is a portrait of Gregory Bateson, celebrated anthropologist, philosopher, author, naturalist, and systems theorist. His story is lovingly told by his youngest daughter, Nora, with footage from Gregory’s own films shot in the 1930s with Margaret Mead in Bali and New Guinea, along with photographs, filmed lectures, and interviews.
Gregory Bateson was a man who studied the interrelationships of the complex systems we live in with scientific rigor and enormous integrity. Nora’s discovery of her father’s work documents the vast and continuing influence his thinking has had on an amazingly wide range of disciplines. Through contemporary interviews coupled with his own words, the enormous challenges confronting the human race and the natural world are revealed.
Bateson’s theories continue to impact the fields of anthropology, psychiatry, information science, cybernetics, urban planning, biology, and ecology, challenging people to think in new ways. Hoping to inspire its audience to see their lives within a larger system, glistening with symmetry, play, and metaphor, An Ecology of Mind is an invitation to ask the kinds of questions that could help thread the world back together from the inside.
Sponsored by the Intellectual Property Society

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Увы, но в открытом доступе найти не удалось. Вероятно позже где-нибудь да появится. На Фейсбуке, видимо, Нора или кто-то из приближенных ответил, что пока не фильм идет на фестивалях и т.п., на ДВД продавать возможностей нет.

Re: Смотрим-анализируем

Понятно, спасибо.

Видим характерную (очень похожую на такую же у Э.) лево -правую экспрессию.

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