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“Honoring the Global Erickson Community”
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Institute Meeting

“Honoring the Global Erickson Community”
Sunday, December 11, 2011 at 7 AM
Hyatt Regency Phoenix

A gift basket with a light snack will be provided. Seating is limited.
Please RSVP to by November 11.

Since 1980, the Milton H. Erickson Foundation has framed each Congress with those words in mind. These meetings have been held in Phoenix in 1980, 1983, 1986, 1992, 1999, 2001, 2004, 2007; in San Francisco in 1988 and in Los Angeles in 1994. The next Congress will be in Phoenix in December of 2011. You are invited to become a part of this three-decade tradition.

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“Each person is a unique individual. Hence, psychotherapy should be formulated to meet the uniqueness of the individual’s needs, rather than tailoring the person to fit the Procrustean bed of a hypothetical theory of human behavior.”
-Dr. Milton H. Erickson

Milton H. Erickson Foundation//Congress will be in Phoenix in December of 2011

Conversation Hours
Conversation Hour 2: Practice Makes Permanent: The Theraputic Value of Homework - Carolyn Daitch

Conversation Hour 6: How Milton H. Erickson Treated Women - Consuelo Casula

Dialogue 5: Psychosomatics - Helen Erickson • Ernest Rossi

Dialogue 10: Metaphors - George Burns • Consuelo Casula • Krzysztof Klajs

Fundamentals of Hypnosis
Fundamentals of Hypnosis 4: Language Of Hypnosis - Dan Short, PhD

Fundamentals of Hypnosis 8: Anecdotes & Metaphors: Easy, Effective and Engaging - Betty Alice Erickson, MS

Keynote 1: The Problem with Helping People with Physiopsychological Problems is… - Helen Erickson, PhD, RN, AHN-BC, FAAN

Keynote 2: Creating Consciousness: Continuing Milton Erickson’s Legacy Of Research on Rehabilitation & Healing - Ernest Rossi, PhD
With support faculty: Mauro Cozzolino, PhD & Giovanna Celia, PhD

Pre-Conference 3: Strategic Treatment of the Anxiety Disorders - Reid Wilson, PhD

Pre-Conference 4: The Erickson Way: Telling Stories Where They Belong - Betty Alice Erickson & Eric Greenleaf

Short Courses
Short Course 3: “Flourish” or the Petals of Satisfaction in Life and Work - Nicole Ruysschaert, MD

Short Course 5: “I Am Just A Guest Here…” How The Principles Of Advaita Hinduism Can Support Hypnosis & Strategic Therapy - Donald Miretsky, MEd

Short Course 7: Reframing Darkness With the “Trancesending” Light of Playfulness: Activating Compassionately Uplifting Solutions and “Trance-Action Potential” - Betty Blue, Phd

Short Course 11: “Are You Aware Of Your Breathing?” - Ana Melikian, PhD

Short Course 15: Post-Hypnotic Suggestions: How To Make Them More Effective - José Cava, Psychologist

Short Course 17: The Soul Orientation Process: A Hypnotic Approach To Furthering Enlightenment - Judith Swack, PhD

Short Course 18: Equine-Assisted Psychotherapy (Eap) And Animal Assisted Therapy (Aat): Exploring A Brief Effective Alternative To Traditional Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy - Dale Klein-Kennedy, MA

Short Course 20: The Therapist On Stage: How To Activate The Body's Thinking Through Acting Techniques - Antonella Monini, MD

Short Course 24: “Unplugging From The Outside In:” Brief Strategic Hypnotherapy With Older Adolescents And Young Adults (Ages 16-25) - Tobi Goldfus, LCSW-C, BCD

Short Course 27: Humor Matters: Clinical Applications Of Humor In Psychotherapy - Steve Sultanoff, PhD

Short Course 28: Feel the Feeling, Find the Strength: A Theory Of Emotion - Linda Duncan, PhD

Short Course 32: An Ericksonian Approach Applied To Learning Difficulties - Carme Timoneda-Gallart, PhD

Short Course 34: A Demonstration Of Brief Ericksonian Solutions & Redecision Transactional Analysis - Janet Lee O'Connor, EdS & Del Worley, MC

Short Course 35: Systemic Family Constellations: A Broken Heart Can Heal, Sometimes In Onebeat - Dan Booth Cohen, PhD

Short Course 37: The Use Of Hypnotic Phenomena For Test Anxiety: Brief Ericksonian Solutions At Work - Antonio Bustillo, PhD

Short Course 39: Ericksonian Hypnosis Facilitated Psychotherapy For Pathological Gambling - Pantazis Iordanidis, MD, PhD

Short Course 40: Merging Ericksonian Hypnotherapy & Active Psychodramatic Techniques In Making Creative & Adaptive Choices - Beatriz Suarez-Buratti, MA

Short Course 40: Psychodramatic Trance - Jeanne Burger, EdD

Short Course 42: Using Language To Generate Solutions In Brief Therapy With Children - Marilyn Wedge, PhD

Short Course 46: Neuro Emotional Technique: The Basic Steps - Jef Gazley, LMFT & Scott Walker, DC

Re: Milton H. Erickson Foundation//Congress will be in Phoenix in December of 2011

Topical Panels
Topical Panel 02: Spirituality - Consuelo Casula • Robert Dilts • John Lentz • Joyce Mills

Topical Panel 04: About Milton H. Erickson, MD - Betty Alice Erickson • Roxanna Erickson Klein • Robert McNeilly • Peter Nemetschek • Sidney Rosen

Topical Panel 13: Mind/Body/Medical Hypnosis - Helen Adrienne • Helen Erickson • Gary Ruelas • Ernest Ross

Workshop 02: Finding The Fertility In Infertility - Helen Adrienne, LCSW

Workshop 06: Positive Results Demonstrated With Scanners Of Hypnosis Multiple Sclerosis Treatment - Teresa Garcia-Sanchez MA, ECP

Workshop 08: Hypnotic Strategies To Improve Children And Adolescents' Self-Esteem & Identity Formation - Susy Signer-Fischer, Lic. Phil.

Workshop 11: Mindfulness, Trauma And Trance: Brief Ericksonian Solutions - Ron Alexander, PhD

Workshop 14: Integrating Eye Movements Into Hypnotic Therapy: Treatment Of Panic Disorder And Anticipatory Anxiety - Harriet Hollander, PhD

Workshop 16: Music and Trance: Creative Use Of Music In Ericksonian Hypnotherapy - Anita Jung, MS

Workshop 17: Art Of Persuasion: Changing The Mind On OCD - Reid Wilson, PhD

Workshop 18: Trans-Altering Interventions - John Lentz, DMin

Workshop 19: Hypnosis And Couples' Therapy: Enhancing Affect Regulation And Connection - Carolyn Daitch, PhD

Workshop 22: Mindful Body Meets Embodied Mind - Douglas Flemons, PhD

Workshop 24: Activation Of Resources In A Deep Chaotic Depression - Claude Virot, MD

Workshop 27: Om Up! Creative Transformations Through Therapeutic Yoga - Kathryn Rossi, PhD

Workshop 28: Strategic Self-Therapy - John Beahrs, MD

Workshop 29: Emotional Rescue: The Journey Home - Cheryl Bell-Gadsby M.A., R.C.C.

Workshop 31: Psychotherapy In A World Of Globalism, Secularism, And Fundamentalism - Naji Abi-Hashem, PhD

Workshop 32: Appreciating And Expanding The Role Of Creativity In The Treatment And Transformation Of Resistance - Bruce Gregory, PhD

Workshop 37: Creating New Consciousness With The 4-Stage Creative Process - Ernest Rossi, PhD & Kathryn Rossi, PhD with Mauro Cozzolino, PhD & Giovanna Celia, PhD

Workshop 45: Zen In The Art And Science Of Psychotherapy - Annellen Simpkins, PhD & Alexander Simpkins, PhD

Workshop 46: When A Client Seems “Stuck” - Betty Alice Erickson, MS

Workshop 49: Making The Impossible Difficult: Using Ericksonian Methods With Difficult Clients - John Frykman, PhD

Workshop 51: Utilization Of Burnout And Exhaustion �Trances� For Optimal Individual Life-Balance And For Organizations Hypnosystemic Strategies - Gunther Schmidt, MD

Workshop 52: Using Hypnosis And Self-Hypnosis For Treating Phobias And Panic - Bernhard Trenkle, Dipl. Psych.

Workshop 53: Permissive Suggestion And Cognitive Development - Dan Short, PhD


Workshop 56: From Worry To Wonder: Evoke Your Unconscious To Make Impossible Possible - Neil Fiore, PhD

Workshop 64: Deep Traumatic Memory Ressignification (Dtmr) As A Tool For Challenging Patients - Ricardo Feix, MD

Workshop 65: The Slippery Slopes Of Semantics - Norma Barretta, PhD & Philip Barretta, MA, MFT

Workshop 66: How To Become Smart Enough To Know When To Stop Thinking: A Brief Ericksonian Approach To Lasting Solutions - Joseph Dowling, MS

Workshop 67: Brain Change Therapy: Clinical Interventions For Self Transformation - Carol Kershaw, EDD and Bill Wade, PhD

“Each person is a unique individual. Hence, psychotherapy should be formulated to meet the uniqueness of the individual’s needs, rather than tailoring the person to fit the Procrustean bed of a hypothetical theory of human behavior.”
-Dr. Milton H. Erickson

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