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His voice goes with us (9) U.C.L.A - Philadelphia - Pasadena - Chicago - San Diego
metanymous wrote in metapractice

Milton Erickson 1952 U.C.L.A 01

Milton Erickson 1952 U.C.L.A 01
Now, my topic for this afternoon is … eh … control of physiological functions by hypnosis. And I'm also enlisted later for hypnotic approaches in therapy. Actually, of course, I have a feeling that it is rather difficult thing to do because in any approach to physiological control one also makes use of therapeutic approaches also. And so I'm not really going to try to make a differentiation or to try to make a [00:47 – 00:48] lecture on the subject. Both topics involve a question of techniques and the both concern with the adequate functioning of the individual as the personality and his functioning in a desired manner. [01:10]

Milton Erickson 1955 Philadelphia 1 - Misconceptiions & phenomena

Milton Erickson 1955 Philadelphia 1 - Misconceptiions & phenomena
[до этого идет приветствие, речь МЭ начинается на 0:40]
One of the first misconceptions that I want to mention is not listed in your booklet. And that is this. Misconception that you can learn hypnosis from a stage hypnotist. You can learn hypnotist from a stage hypnotist, if you want to work on the stage, but if you want to do medical work or dental work or psychological work, I don’t think that you can learn from a stage hypnotist. It requires a great deal of study in earnest effort and sincere effort on your part.
Another misconception that I want to mention isn’t included is (that) anybody who uses hypnosis must have some very special powers, special knowledge, special abilities. Actually, of course, hypnosis is a very common phenomenon in all human living, and anybody who can communicate with somebody else, can use hypnosis. Anybody, that can communicate with somebody else, can learn hypnosis and utilize it.

Milton Erickson 1958 Pasadena Track 1

Milton Erickson 1958 Pasadena Track 1
[до этого идет приветствие, речь МЭ начинается на 0:09]
Now hypnosis is a phenomenon, that requires participation and I'm gonna ask participation of the part of the audience. The part of your instruction, part of your training should include some efforts on you required to learn and to practice. Now, I'm not going to try to teach you medicine or any of the specialties of any sort. I made mention this specialty or that specialty or this field of medicine or another. But I want you to realize that hypnosis is a technique, a methodology and approach to the patient. And that I expect you to have that amount of medical knowledge requisite for you to practice your own field. And that you use hypnosis to facilitate the contact with the patient to enable a patient to comprehend you better and to motivate your patient in the acceptance of medical care and guidance and advice and instruction. The hypnosis is primarily a method of communicating ideas to people. In hypnosis you establish upon the person into a trance eh state of receptiveness to the ideas and as they are receptive to the ideas then they become responsive to the ideas.

Milton Erickson 1960 Chicago 1

Milton Erickson 1960 Chicago 1
Too often in working with patient you politely try not to notice his resistance, you politely try to overlook it and to pretend that it isn't there. But do you treat your patient that way [0:20 – 0:22 – три слова непонятны] do you ever pretend that your patient hasn't got a gynaecological review, do you ever pretend that you OB patient isn't pregnant, why should you pretend that your resistant patient isn't resistant? You ought to accept their resistance as one of the things they bring into the office. And since they brought it, you ought to use it. You are put to willing to use their eyes, you are put to willing to use their ears [0:50 – 0:55 – не уверен насчет put], their mouth, why not use their ressistance? And so, usually dealing with the ressistant patient, you recognize that they're resistant. [1.07]

Milton Erickson 1960 Chicago 2

Milton Erickson 1960 Chicago 2
Now this question of double-bind. I think it's awfully important that you exercise that double-bind in your therapy. Because why it's called a “double-bind”, it is a measure of getting your patient to face the issues at hand, because too often your patient is unwilling to face the issues. I think of one woman oh eh complained about a lump in her breast. And I think there were some 26 different physicians she consulted, and that all advised her to go into the hospital and have her breast operate on. [01:01]

Milton Erickson 1962 San Diego – That which occurs within

Milton Erickson 1962 San Diego – That which occurs within
But eh this time I'd like to take up certain other things that should be of interest to you. … [обрезка, запись внезапно начинается] this matter of the use of hypnosis I find as an editor of a journal that I am having a tremendous amount of competition. I find that the American Journal of Proctology is now publishing articles on hypnosis I would like to publish. The Journal of Anes... ehm Dermatology is publishing articles on hypnosis. In fact all of the various medical journals are publishing increasingly a large number of articles on hypnosis. And in spite of the hostility eh of general medical profession, especially in the older ranks, and the hostility of the dental profession the entrenched members of dental profession and the psychological profession hypnosis is beginning to spread increasingly. [0:01:18]

Milton Erickson 1962 San Diego – Common sense suggestion

Milton Erickson 1962 San Diego – Common sense suggestion
I've been asked to come in on several things. One of them is this matter of imaginary allergy. Wherein the patient tells you that he has a severe allergic response, when you know that it's not chemically possible for him to have a severe allergic response. Over (?) the experience of one of my friends eh in decades that one should take seriously this question of idiosyncrasy for drugs. One of my friends when he sustained practice in medicine wrote up prescription for aspirine for a patient. [01:02]

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(офф) Хорошо бы в предыдущих проходах темы сделать дублирующий перевод реплик на английский.

Сайт уже поднял - www.hisvoicegoeswithus.ru
В данный момент изучаю, как можно сделать его двуязычным, чтобы было зеркало этой темы, и перевод.

Здорово! Помощь нужна?

Пока нет. Движок Wordpress, тут все понятно.
Создам тех пользователей, которы участвуют в обсуждении оригинальной темы в МП. Те же имена, те же аватары.

Вообще, сайт замышляется как простое зеркало, и не для того, чтобы там работой заниматься.

Так, ты учти следующее:

--мы в любом случае переедем на другой блог
--там мы будем делать основную работу, а сюда будут иди только трансляции

...вполне может быть, что эти трансляции будут не полные - не все комментарии будут транслироваться.

Да а какая мне разница, откуда переводить тело поста и комментарии:)

Отсюда ли, или из нового блога - совершеннно все равно.

Ну и чудесно.

Англоязычный перевод (который я делал) будем оставлять в метапрактике? А то там коряво все достаточно, структура веток из-за особенностей публикации ЖЖ получается не параллельная русскому варианту.

Нет никаких проблем с "корявостью":

--даешь исходный фрагмент на русском со ссылкой
--ниже даешь перевод

(офф) Привет. Ты не перегонишь мне эти исходные цифрованные ролики. Все, я дозрел/выздоровел, чтобы самому садиться за их анализ и никого больше не ждать.

Но, мне надо заряжать их в км-плейер для организации циклического прослушивания. И вот, стали нужны исходники. А свои что-то не могу за давностью найти.

Как ты?

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