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Моделируем EMDR (17) Francine Shapiro. Interviewed by Bill O’Hanlon
metanymous wrote in metapractice

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--BOH: This leads me to the last question. One afternoon when we were both teaching at a conference, I said, “You’ve traveled around the world, you’ve written these books, and you’ve done all this work… why?” And you said, “I want to help create world peace.” And I said, “World peace, from waving your fingers in somebody’s eyes? How does that happen?” Can you talk about that?
--FS: If you’re trying to bring people together around a conference table when they’ve been exposed to the ethno-political damage from all these wars, they can’t connect because the unprocessed memories from those traumas keep getting triggered. The anger, the “You’re an Other” is there automatically. If we can process that, then they can make connections and reconciliations.

For instance, one of the trainings we did in Northern Ireland included Catholic and Protestant clinicians learning the procedures together. By the end of it, we managed to defuse an IRA death threat because the folks could see the connections being made. When you do EMDR therapy training, people are working on their own experiences, so they understand what’s happened. They can see what’s been driving some of their automatic responses. They develop more compassion for themselves and for others.

Although the results have been quite wonderful, there’s clearly a lot more that needs to be done. There are many more populations in need and a huge amount of negative psychological and physical effects that many clinicians misdiagnose.

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