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Понемногу обо всем (44) LIMBIC COACHING®
metanymous wrote in metapractice

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ВАКОГ – чувственная – аналоговая памяти референция а

Our nervous system is constantly receiving sensory input through our senses (touch, smell, hearing, seeing, etc.), and our limbic system immediately emotionally validates that incoming information. Basically, it checks its "archives" to see if there has been a similar experience in the past and what the learned response should be:

"feels like X, therefore do reaction A”
“looks/sounds/smells/tastes like Y, need to respond with reaction B”
“resembles Z, best reaction therefore is C"

Меня восхищает эта идея.

Лимбическая система в роли первичного референта/референтной системы с тремя функциями референции:

• ВАКОГ референция активности
• чувственная референция активности
• по-памяти аналоговая референция активности

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