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Понемногу обо всем (45) Mindfulness Webcast with Connirae Andreas
metanymous wrote in metapractice

Connirae is one of 6 presenters, including Jon Kabat-Zinn, Jack Kornfield, Tara Brach, Ron Siegel, and Christopher Germer, in a webcast on mindfulness that’s just been released by the Psychotherapy Networker. Connirae was included because of her new work, the Wholeness Process. This is a comprehensive method of personal transformation and healing, which can easily be used meditatively and for deep relaxation of the nervous system. The Wholeness Process offers advances in how mindfulness is practiced and understood. It is a much more precise and dependable method of inner work.

Тренинг Конниры Андреас


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A few days ago you signed up to watch a free video training from Connirae Andreas on The Wholeness Process.
Have you had a chance to watch it yet? Here's the link again.


If you have had a chance to watch the video and try out the first method, where did you notice the "I"?

Hit reply and let me know. :)
Thanks Anatoly,

—Duff McDuffee
Office Manager
Real People Press and Andreas NLP Trainings

p.s. Next time I'll give you some tips from Connirae for if you're having trouble finding the "I".


Ну, то есть Коннира использует классические инструменты ээ прости-господи "инфобизнеса". С маркетинговыми рассылками-заманухами и т.д.

Re: "Инфобизнес"

Ну да.

Hi there Anatoly,

If you haven't yet watched the video you signed up for, you can watch it here. I highly recommend it. :)

So how do you find the "I" if you're having trouble?

Here are Connirae's top 3 tips:

1. Notice where it's not.

Look around the room you're in and find some unlikely location. Ask yourself, "is the 'I' over there?" Probably the answer will be "no" which will help you find the "I" by contrast.

If you know where it isn't, then at some level you know where it is — you just have to look and see.

2. Go with your first instinct.

If something flashes into your mind, just go with that. Usually it will be correct, but sometimes we second guess ourselves and then wonder if it's really there. Just go with your first instinct for now.

3. Just guess.

If you can't find a location, just guess. If you think "I don't know" you might ask yourself "and if I did know, where would it be?"

It's a silly question, but it gets you to guess, and often our guesses are correct. Even if they aren't right, it's not really a problem because we can correct for mistakes later.

So check it out now: where is the "I" that is reading this email?
Curiously yours,

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