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Оракул metapractice (42)
metanymous wrote in metapractice

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The Bumper Book of Modelling

Откопал в интернете информацию о новой книге (точнее, даже двух книгах) по моделированию, весьма объемной.

At last my mission has reached fruition – I have encapsulated my 15-year endeavour to plot the territory of modelling! Publication date for The Bumper Bundle Book of Modelling is 18th April 2014. Within its 400 + pages, you will find lots of original findings, illuminating frameworks, with comprehensive and integrated descriptions of our wonderful NLP tradecraft.


Re: The Bumper Book of Modelling

A summary of the content in each chapter:

The Personality of a Modeller – culled from not just modelling our top Modellers, but also drawing from other explorers and innovators. This goes on to explore how modellers develop and how the idea of a Call to Action can be the trigger for significant projects.

The Principles of Modelling – covering our Constructivist heritage, connections with neuroscience and the principle sources of influence which informed the early development.

The Processes of Modelling – offering an integrated framework which holds THIRTEEN different modelling methodologies available to us, divided into their respective categories, with a detailed description of each.

The Skills of Modelling – exploring the advanced skills involved in the modelling process, from the start of the relationship with the exemplar, through the information gathering process, to the model and then technique construction.

The Results of Modelling – initially addressing a highly flexible pathway for modelling activity and an innovative framework of Intervention, followed by a whole range of practical examples of modelling being used in Business, Training, Coaching, and Therapy. Then we drive down into the classification of models, going on to the nitty gritty requirements of model construction – one of the major missing pieces in the study of modelling.

The Formal Acquisition Process – This is the final piece: constructing imaginative, bespoke techniques which are key to converting the digital information within the model back into glorious analogue of experience. This is where our great technology of Neurological and Linguistic Frames have a field day. All rounded off with packaging the gift into dynamic written instructions.

This is all topped off with a worked Case Study from the data gathering start to the final technique finish, followed by an extensive Index.

AND this is not all! Whilst The Bumper Bundle Book of Modelling is in effect a textbook, seeking to expand knowledge and generate ideas, The Bumper Bundle Companion Workbook (£15.00) provides the backup skill development. Here you have over 75 taxing and imaginative exercises that really make you think and test the integration of your learning, accompanied by in-depth suggested answers to coach your thinking further. You’ll not find this breadth and depth on any advanced or applied NLP training programme!

I have been really indebted to the support I have received along the way, especially for the insightful big chunk editing from David Gordon, with Jenny Thomas working tirelessly on the details. Early this year I sent out manuscripts to the various modellers who have been instrumental in my development. James Lawley was great in his response. He loved the title and the fact that I was offering a Red Bus Tour where you can get on and get off wherever you want. He really liked the Intervention Framework and even some of the insights I had regarding David Grove’s work. “It’s great to see the fruits of your modelling modellers coming to fruition. How wonderful that the vision you had all those years ago has resulted in this bumper book. At last an NLP book that champions what I call ‘modelling pluralism’. You will have to take my word for all the smiles and warm fuzzes I felt while reading the draft. I have only marked a few in my comments but I could have added dozens more.” So if you want to find out what has warmed James’ enthusiasm, place an order for a copy of one or both books.

All the best and Keep Modelling!


Школа Гриндера

Вот здесь подробное содержание и первая глава:


Сфоткал разворот:


В разделе "методологии моделирования" моделирования не нашёл :)

Re: Школа Гриндера

Спасибо. Прикольно. До 27 страницы можно читать текст. Общая структура похожа на книгу Дилтса о моделировании.

Прочитать бы всего страницы - 142-147, на который описано моделирование танцев и движений. И всё бы стало ясно с этим вариантом моделирования.

А откуда ты взял, что точно школа Гриндера?

Edited at 2015-06-30 01:18 pm (UTC)

Re: Школа Гриндера

(1) Содержание. "Бессознательное моделирование", в частности, да и вообще всё остальное в целом.
(2) Рекомендации, указанные в блоге. Все только от тренеров/практиков, либо явно относящихся к гриндеровским структурам (ДеЛозье и пр.), либо от сочувствующие (Гордон, например). От бандлеровской школы и сочувствующих рекомендаций не указано.

Edited at 2015-06-30 01:21 pm (UTC)

Re: Школа Гриндера


Re: Школа Гриндера

Стр. 142-147 доступны здесь

Что-то мне показалось, что там совершенно не о моделировании движений речь, а скорее о моделировании эээ внутренних состояний через движение.

Re: Школа Гриндера

Отлично, спасибо за ссылку!

Конечно, моделировать движения они не умеют/не знают/конспирологически извращают с неизвестными целями.

Школа моделирования Гриндера есть школа моделирования Гриндера.

Но, нам это всё равно нужно для описания онтологии современных разработок по моделированию человеческой активности.

Re: Школа Гриндера

Прости, а это ваш гуггловский текст?

Ну, жутко неудобно без возможности копировать цитаты.

Re: Школа Гриндера

Нет, это гугловский магазин книг, позволяет предпросмотр лишь некоторых разделов книги.

Re: The Bumper Book of Modelling

А вторая какая?

Re: The Bumper Book of Modelling

А вторая какая?
Воркбук The Bumper Bundle Companion Workbook, тоже весьма объемный.

Edited at 2015-06-30 01:02 pm (UTC)

Re: The Bumper Book of Modelling

А где ссылка на какие-то её потроха этой второй книги?

Потроха первой определили ей как мало перспективную.

Re: The Bumper Book of Modelling

Быстро вы определяете :)

Вторая вот:

Re: The Bumper Book of Modelling

Так вот в этой более подробно всё http://www.nlpand.co.uk/content/Bumper/firstchapter.html#p=2

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