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We will metapractice you! (17) Мета профилактика диабета (МПД)
metanymous wrote in metapractice

В России около 25 миллионов человек живут в преддиабетном состоянии

Вы уже знаете за собой слегка повышенной уровень «сахара» (глюкозы) в крови, но не имеете официальный диагноз «диабет». Предлагаемая мета профилактика диабета (МПД) точно для вас. Диабет гарантированнно отступит от вас.

Ваш возраст и ресурсы наличного здоровья заставляет вас верить, что диабет вас минует. Предлагаемая профилактика, особенно, обращена к вам. Практикуя МПД,  вам никогда никогда не придётся узнать что такое диабет.

Если вы имеете диабет2 в качестве диагноза. МПД минимизирует приём лекарств, в целом, обещает зафиксировать/ заморозить развитие болезни на одной стадии.

Кроме того, для всех есть субмодальная техника мета профилактики и лечения диабета (МПЛД).

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Мартышка анализирует почему очки не улучшают её зрени

Using the linguistic tools of NLP’s Meta-Model, I have explored the nature, claims, structure, and processes involved in the training and model called Design Human Engineering or DHE™. The conclusion I have come to is that DHE™ is simply an exciting, provocative, and creative application of basic NLP, it is also over-sold, dehumanizing, and machine-heavy. It is not “the next step,” nor is it anything more or different from NLP—in spite of the claims made for it.

That DHE extends the use and application of NLP in terms of visualizations, music, “sub-modalities,” and trance work, there is not under question. But that DHE has produce anything new and/or different from NLP in the past ten years, that is the issue.

In this review I have repeatedly asked, “If DHE has created anything new, then what is it?” Every aspect and facet of DHE that we know about can be located in the NLP model that existed at the time of its creation(1975-1990). That DHE has produced no specific patterns for achieving new outcomes or creating new directions for people—and that nobody is presenting anything that has arisen from the DHE model arises concern whether its theoretical foundations are sound. The Ten Years of DHE (1990-2000) have not only produced nothing of value, but has depersonalized lots of people with the machine-heavy metaphors in the training.

Whether you agree or disagree with the following analysis and conclusions, I only ask that you read with an open mind. If you can answer any of the tough questions raised here—I would be delighted to receive your data, documentation, and response. This paper was originally three articles.

Мартышка анализирует почему очки не улучшают её зрения.

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