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Моделируем EMDR (22) EMDR Therapy Annotated Research Bibliography (2016)
Red Tailed Hawk
metanymous wrote in metapractice

A partial list of citations of research on EMDR therapy and the adaptive information processing model.
adapted with permission from the EMDR Institute page: http://www.emdr.com/research-overview/

International Treatment Guidelines Pages 1-3
Meta Analyses Pages 3-4
Randomized Controlled Trauma Studies Pages 5-12
Non-Randomized Trauma Studies Pages 12-16
Adaptive Information Processing and EMDR Procedures Pages Pages 16-24
Mechanism of Action Pages 24-29
Randoized Studies of Hypotheses Regarding Eye Movements Pages 29-33
Additional Neurobiological Evaluations Pages 33-35
Combat Veteran Treatment Pages 35-38


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e Roos, C., Veenstra, A.C, et al. (2010). Treatment of chronic phantom limb pain (PLP) using a t

(5) de Roos, C., Veenstra, A.C, et al. (2010). Treatment of chronic phantom limb pain (PLP) using a trauma-focused psychological approach.

Pain Research and Management, 15, 65-71. 10 consecutive cases of phantom limb pain were treated with EMDR resulting in the reduction or elimination of pain in all but two cases. Results were maintained at 2.8-year follow-up.

де Роос, К., Веенстра, A.C и др. (2010). Лечение хронической фантомной боли конечностей (ПФУ) с использованием травмо ориентированных психологических подходов. Исследования боли и её управления, 15, 65-71. 10 последовательных случаев фантомных болей конечностей обрабатывали ЕМДР, что приводило к сокращению или устранению боли во всех случаях, кроме двух. Результаты сохранялись на уровне 2,8-летнего периода наблюдения.

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