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The nature of hypnosis (18) The 2017 Research and Teaching Manual for Ericksonian Therapy
metanymous wrote in metapractice
Core competencies of ET


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Два студента под супервизией

Therapists. The interventions were delivered by
two Masters of Applied Clinical Psychology students
who had completed specialized training in both CBT
and EMDR. They were supervised by a specialist clinical
psychologist who was also an accredited trainer
with the EMDR International Association. CBT training
was accredited by the Australian Psychological

Два студента прикладной клинической психологии под супервизией международной ассоциации EMDR и Австралийского Психологического Общества.

Для CBT внедрили с чего-то технику Гештальта разговора с умершим родственником:

The primary, non-CBT addition to the
protocol was an imaginal dialogue between the client
and the deceased, guided by the therapist and based
on Gestalt therapy principles (Daldrup et al., 1988).
In this exercise, the client was encouraged to address
unresolved issues or unmet emotional needs. Forgiveness
and reconciliation between themselves and the
deceased were facilitated. The therapist guided what
was otherwise free dialogue with prompts of “I always
wanted to ask you,” “I always wanted to tell you,” and
“this is how your death impacted my life” before the
client switched roles and responded as the deceased.

Re: Два студента под супервизией

Сорри, память подвела.

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