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Rightening The Modelling Conveyor Belt (11) What is NLP


Самые крупные международные ассоциации НЛП собрались в 2016 году для решения различных вопросов. По итогам обсуждений была выпущена книга/сборник материалов "Powered by NLP". Она выложена в свободном доступе:


В числе прочих вопросов обсуждали, что есть (и что/чем не является) НЛП:

Another spontaneous and creative moment occurred in another group discussing "what is" and "what isn't" NLP.


How do we decide what is and is not “NLP”?

Интересная постановка вопроса и логика рассуждений — является ли джазовая музыка НЛП:

1.Model X uses the study of the structure of somebody’s
subjective experience in a specified manner, by changing a
specific element of that structure (criterion derived from Dilts’
2. It utilises a successful pattern that has been detected in the
world (derived from Grinders definition).
3. It was developed from an attitude that produces techniques
(from Bandlers definition).
4. It helps people attain what they want (from Jane’s definition).

Using these four criteria in addition to each other certainly narrows
it down. The number of phenomena that can be called NLP, now
becomes much smaller. But even this combination is nowhere near
water tight. Advertising is still a good candidate, according to this
set of criteria. Or we could take improvised jazz music for instance;
it fits all four criteria.

1. Improvised jazz music is based on the study of relationships
between auditory impressions on the one hand and subjective
kinaesthetic and visual experiences on the other hand. It aims to
change people’s subjective experiences by changing their
auditory external input.
2. It utilises successful patterns (melodies and musical
collaboration sequences) that can be detected in many places
and times in the world.
3. It is characterised by a specific attitude towards music, that has
produced many new instrumental and composition techniques.
4. It helps both the musicians and the audience to attain the
musical enjoyment that they want.

And yet, most people would agree that improvised jazz music is not

В итоге доказывается необходимость создания обширного списка разнородных примерно категоризированных элементов и экспертного голосования:

Formulate a broad list of potential NLP elements
2. Formulate a set of NLP categories these elements can be placed
3. Devise an on line registration system for voting on which
elements belong in which category.
4. Invite and stimulate Summit members to vote.
Which may sometimes entail explaining what a certain
proposed NLP element is.
5. Calculate the resulting ‘score’ for each element.
6. Publish the scores in a list called ‘The Elder Columns’.
7. Devise an on line system for both adding and evaluating - by
voting - new potential NLP elements.

Мы называем такие списки элементов "онтологиями".

Вопрос — какую альтернативу может предложить Метапрактик для решения этой насущной проблемы? (Её насущность задается рядом "внешних" причин, в обсуждение которых мы здесь углубляться не будем.)

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