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Multi-level communication (4) Онтология полифункциональной multilevel communication
metanymous wrote in metapractice

Required training content
1. basic assumptions of NLP

a) self management and NLP-Axioms
b) philosophy and idea of man
c) ethics and ecology

2. body language

a) calibration
b) sense-specific feedback
c) backtrack
d) boundaries (proximity and distance)
e) incongruity

3. rapport

a) establish
b) maintain
c) pacing & leading
d) break

4. improvement of perception
5. rep systems
6. accessing cues o

a) eye movements
b) VAK language

7. Perceptional Positions

a) st, 2nd, and 3rd position
b) change of perspectives
c) meta position

8. goals

a) phrasing according to the brains way of understanding
b) from a problem or wish to a goal
c) steps to a goal
d) dissociated image of outcome and goal trance
e) chunking

9. logical levels
a) submodalities
b) association and dissociation

11. charisma
12. state management

a) congruence and incongruence communication
b) from current to desired state
c) change states
d) modeling states
e) from low resources to a state of power
f) to activate, to build up, to enforce, to anchor resources

13. to develop supportive internal dialogue
14. to deal with criticism
15. systemic integration (ecology check)
16. to develop new thinking patterns
17. feedback

a) feedback strategies
b) perception and interpretation
c) rules for giving feedback

18. self-realization
19. transfer strategies (future pace)
20. source of power
21. self-esteem
22. self-confidence
23. self-reflection
24. self-awareness
25. latest discoveries in brain research
26. self-responsibility
27. work-life-self-balance

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